About Us


This website was borne of our long-standing experience of selling, servicing and repairing MG Rover cars.

Established by my grandfather in 1977, and formerly MG Rover Main Dealers in our little part of the world, our business evolved in the post-factory era into specialising in Rover 75, and MGF, MG TF and MG ZT models.

Our parts department supplied our workshop and the local garages around us with Genuine MG Rover parts.

Today, we're all about parts. And we'll ship them from here to anywhere.

We have a daily delivery from X-Part, the original, genuine MG Rover parts business, now standing alone after the closure of the car factory.

With large numbers of cars still on the road, and a keen and knowledgeable owner base, the future for MG Rover cars is looking good, and many popular parts are still in active production today, to cater to the healthy demand around the world.

If you know what you need, please enter your part number in the search box at the top of the page, buy online, and let us take it from there.

If you don't know what you need, please call 01782 505050 and ask for Steve or Bob, or email mike@endonservices.co.uk.

The chassis number of your car is always useful in determining part numbers, so please have that handy.


Mike Aldridge

Endon Services Ltd